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Academy Capital

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Investment Strategy

If you’re looking for an alternative way to participate in the real estate market, then consider learning about becoming a private lender. Academy Capital is a real estate development firm that specializes in identifying and acquiring distressed real estate opportunities and develops them into unique, high-quality homes, while providing investors and lenders with attractive, consistent, and risk adjusted returns.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve executed 100+ private real estate transactions representing $100mm in volume and over $20mm in invested equity. Academy Capital multiple realized investments and commitment to its strategy has driven many investors to re-invest in the company.

Due to the large number of properties that we buy and sell, we are always looking for short-term and long-term private lenders who are excited to loan money at attractive rates and which will be secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. We can agree on the terms and a time frame that you’re happy with.

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Real Estate Fund

A fast, simple, and easy way to diversify your real estate portfolio with just one investment.

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You're in control. Invest directly in individual real estate deals.

7 Steps Towards ROI


Investor Receives Documents Securing the Investment


Private Lender Funds the Deal


Purchase Property




Sell Property


Distribute Interest and or profits


Repeat & Build a Long-Term Relationship

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